Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs You Should Not Miss on Your Website

WordPress is an amazing piece of software, but it’s not perfect. To build a website that fits your needs, you’ll need some best WordPress plugins for blogs to plug in functionality and features.

This is where plugins come in! Plugins are usually free for basic features and easy-to-install tools that give you the power to handle basic tasks on your site.

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

To install a plugin, you need to know the exact plugin name. You can look it up in the WordPress Plugin Finder (the same place you go to download plugins), or you can find it by going through your site administration interface.

To add a plugin, navigate to “Plugins” in your admin dashboard, find the plugin you like, and click “Activate.” This will add the plugin to your website, allowing you to access it from the WordPress dashboard.

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs You Should Not Miss

Below are some of the best plugins for WordPress that you should not miss and take advantage of.

1. HubSpot

There are a few HubSpot plugins. The WP-HelpDesk Plugin is recommended because it allows you to manage your contact form easily, answer tickets and get feedback from visitors.

All you need to do is connect your HubSpot account, and everything will go smoothly. It allows you to manage support requests from your WordPress dashboard in a single location.

It also tract conversation, manages contacts, and supports tickets. This plugin lets you manage contact forms and post replies directly from your WordPress dashboard.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an amazing tool for your blog. It provides a few cool features that help you optimize every aspect of your site for search engines and social media. Yoast SEO is a great plugin for optimizing your website for Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.

It helps you optimize titles and meta descriptions, generate XML sitemaps, and create 301 redirects. It also lets you add social media links to your website to share content easily.

The plugin will help you find the most relevant keywords for your article, improve your copy to be more readable, and encourage engagement with social sharing buttons.

Yoast makes navigating through a series of checkboxes and settings easy, but it’s still very powerful.

3. Jetpack – Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Jetpack is one of the most popular plugins on WordPress. It adds a solid range of features that can be used to increase your blog’s interactivity, usability, and appearance.

The plugin is extremely easy to use; you must install, activate, and add features. Jetpack can be used for various tasks, including content delivery, social media sharing, and security.

Some of its features are free, while others require a premium membership. Jetpack is an amazing plugin that every WordPress website should use.

4. Elementor

Elementor provides an incredible range of features that can’t be found in any other plugin. It is packed full of elements and text widgets that you can use to create amazing pages, menus, blog posts, blog categories, galleries, and more.

With the Elementor plugin, you can use the Elementor box builder to add social buttons and text widgets like Drip and Slide to your content.

You can add HTML code to your posts or pages to offer links and quotes to social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. These links and quotes can be placed in a customized box called the Elementor widget.

When creating pages and posts, Elementor goes beyond just text. You can also add videos, images, and maps with the help of the drag-and-drop page builder. Elementor is an incredibly powerful plugin for WordPress that offers more than text elements. 

5. Borderless Masonry Gallery

One simplest but most effective way to present your content is with a gallery. The Borderless Masonry Gallery is SEO-friendly and can showcase dozens of images in a single space while giving readers something to look at.

As a WordPress plugin, you can use this feature on any post or page, and it will automatically resize using CSS. It also has options for customizing your gallery with CSS filters and adjustments for optimal display across multiple screen sizes.

Adding featured images, captions, and other details gives your gallery a professional look. The Borderless Masonry Gallery is a great plugin for presenting your content visually pleasing and organized. 

6. Monarch

With the Monarch plugin, your blog can be converted into a website that can be used to enhance your social media presence.

Monarch allows you to easily display buttons and links for sharing content with visitors on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

It also comes with features like a floating social bar, popup windows, and automatic placement of icons on pages. Monarch is a great way to promote your content and increase engagement on social media.

It’s intuitive, easy to use, and comes with features like customizations for color and size, analytics to track activity, and support for major browsers. Monarch is a must-have plugin if you’re looking to increase reach through social media. 

7. Akismet Spam Protection

This plugin helps you to protect your site from unsolicited comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks. Whenever a comment is published on your site, it is checked against the Akismet database to remove any spam.

It can also be used to check comments made by other WordPress users on their sites, allowing you to tackle spam at its source. The plugin runs quietly in the background, protecting your site without any user input required.

It keeps the blog clean by following the rules of WordPress, so your site will remain spam-free. You can also use it to blacklist certain words or IPs, ensuring that any comments containing them are instantly discarded.

Akismet is a must-have plugin for any WordPress site. It provides reliable protection against spam and is easy to set up and use. 

8. Gravity Forms

With Gravity Forms, you can create a form quickly and easily on any WordPress site page. It is a great plugin for creating contact forms, surveys, polls, registration pages, etc.

You can use Gravity Forms to create beautiful forms with custom fields and settings, allowing you to collect user data easily. It also has features like drag-and-drop form building, advanced field validation, and support for multiple languages.

Gravity Forms is a great choice for creating forms on your WordPress site. You can collect user data, create surveys, and more. It is feature-rich and easy to use, making it a great choice for any WordPress site. 

9. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of WordPress’s most popular contact form plugins. It’s simple, effective, and lightweight but has some fantastic features.

The plugin allows you to create a contact form from scratch or a pre-made template, with full styling control available through CSS. The plugin lets you easily integrate other forms with your site to collect contact data from social media channels, Google Maps, and even Amazon.

You can also use the plugin to create custom contact forms, allowing you to collect visitor data in any format. Contact Form 7 is a great plugin for any website that needs a contact form. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and highly customizable. 

10. WooCommerce

If you’re selling online, then WooCommerce is a must-have plugin. It is amongst the best WordPress plugins for blogs. It’s a WordPress eCommerce plugin that makes it easy to set up your shop and choose from over 25 payment gateways.

It will have your store ready to go in no time, building the functionality of your chosen payment type straight into the website itself. You can also automate the checkout process and create great eCommerce features, including item listings, wishlists, and more.

With WooCommerce, you can have a fully-fledged shop on your WordPress blog integrated with your social media profile. When your customers are ready to buy, they won’t have to leave the page, making their experience much smoother.

This plugin is a must-have for anyone looking to sell online. It’s a great way to add an eCommerce shop to your WordPress blog, making the checkout process easier for customers. It’s easy to set up and use, making it a great choice for any business looking to start selling online. 

11. Bloom

The Bloom plugin is a popular add-on for WordPress. It can automatically generate captions and descriptions for images on your site, helping you get more out of your images.

You can create up to 10 titles and descriptions based on criteria like file size or image quality. Visitors can see what they are looking at by clicking the “View full-size image” button, which is placed next to every image on your blog.

The plugin also allows you to choose from a variety of image formats and image sizes, making it easy for you to offer your customers a wide range of options.

When used in combination with WooCommerce, Bloom is a great plugin for helping to increase your sales. It provides helpful captions and descriptions for each image and a full-size view for customers.

With Bloom, you can make your images more engaging and accessible to visitors, helping you to boost your sales. 

12. SeedProd Blurb

Using WordPress on your site is a great idea because it will give visitors an easy way to share what you are selling. SeedProd Blurb is a social sharing plugin that will make sharing easier for them and increase your sales.

It has been integrated into over 80,000 sites, reaching millions of readers and social network users. This plugin is easy to set up and use, allowing you to add a custom share button with just one click.

Your visitors can share products, services, pages, and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. You can customize your social sharing buttons’ colors, shapes, and sizes with just a few clicks.

With SeedProd Blurb, your visitors can easily share your content, driving more traffic to your site and increasing sales. 

13. Better Font Face

Over 1 million users have downloaded the Better Font Face WordPress Plugin. It is an easy way to improve web typography on your site.

The plugin works best on websites that have a decent font library installed. The plugin will crop each line of text and then apply styles, like bold or italics, to the correct letters. This makes it easier for your visitors to read and looks more professional on the web.

This plugin works best with web font services like Google Fonts or Font Squirrel. When combined with WooCommerce, Better Font Face can help you create a more personalized shopping experience. Customers will feel like they are getting personalized attention, which will help to increase sales. 

14. WP

The plugin automatically compresses and optimizes all your images without losing quality. It is a simple way to dramatically improve the speed of your site, making it faster for your visitors.

The plugin runs in the background without slowing down your site or taking extra time to load, saving you money and increasing hits on the website. It is open-sourced and free, so you can use it on any WordPress blog without strings attached.

It also works with WooCommerce, compressing all images attached to product pages and making them easier for customers to view.

With Smush. You can make your site faster without compromising quality, improving the user experience, and increasing sales. 

15. WP Form

Do you want to create a contact form, registration form, or survey on your site? Then WP Form is the perfect plugin for you. This plugin enables you to create forms in minutes and easily embed them on your website.

Gathering important information from your visitors, such as contact details or customer feedback, is easy. You can create custom forms for WooCommerce, so customers can make orders or check out products from your site.

This plugin is user-friendly and easy to set up, allowing you to quickly add forms to your site. With WP Form, you can gather essential customer information, increasing conversions and boosting sales. 

16. Optin Monster

Optin Monster is a powerful lead-generation plugin that can help you to grow your email list and drive more sales. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, allowing you to quickly customize the look and feel of your opt-in forms.

It also has powerful A/B testing tools that help you find your website’s best-performing opt-in form. You can also integrate Optin Monster with popular email marketing services such as MailChimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact.

With Optin Monster, you can also create exit-intent popups triggered when visitors try to leave your website without taking action. This helps you capture leads right before they go away, ensuring you keep all potential customers.

Optin Monster can help you to increase your email list and drive more sales for your business. 


Many WordPress plugins are on the market, and there are even more to come. The great thing about the best WordPress plugins for blogs you should not miss we have featured here that they all have hundreds of thousands of satisfied users who have been able to increase blog traffic and sales with their use.

These plugins can help you improve the functionality of your site and give you a better chance of attracting customers who will come back for more.

They are all available to download for free, offering you excellent value for money and peace of mind concerning data collection.

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